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The Teaching Grant

Questions & Answers

  • Do I need to be incorporated as a business?
    Not at all! Applicants can be (and most will be) unincorporated with no business registration required.
  • If I don’t have liability insurance right now, can I still apply?
    Absolutely. If you are awarded the grant, you will then need to purchase coverage and show proof of insurance (e.g. a receipt or certificate of insurance which is provided at the time of purchase) to receive the grant funds.
  • How do I purchase general liability insurance?
    Sports and fitness insurance policies can be purchased online from various providers. Several fitness certification organizations recommend Next Insurance. A policy can be purchased online in minutes and paid monthly for around $15/month.
  • What kind of training or certification is required?
    Applicants should be educated and trained by an experienced and credentialed program or provider. In the application, please provide whatever information will help convey this.
  • What kind of teaching experience is required?
    A minimum of 4 months group teaching experience, where at least a few classes are taught each month. The classes can occur through an employer (i.e., studio, gym), within a training program (as an apprentice instructor), or independently (i.e., teaching on your own whether or not you charge for the class).
  • Do I need to be already teaching the class that the grant is for?
    No. This grant can be awarded for a class already in progress or a class that hasn’t yet begun. You only need to have the details planned out, and a confirmed location where you’re approved to teach.
  • Are non-class activities like walking, running, hiking, or biking eligible?
    This grant supports classes where instructors are trained to actively teach and coach participants through an activity. E.g. group exercise, strength training, pilates, yoga, and dance. Generally, this does not apply to activities like walking, running, hiking, or biking. But if you think your circumstances are eligible, please contact us!
  • Are 1-on-1 or personal training sessions eligible to receive this grant?
    No. The classes can be limited in size but must accommodate at least 4 people.
  • Is it okay if I don’t know exactly when or what dates I’ll offer the class?
    Absolutely. We’d like to know the approximate timeframe you’re considering. Then you can provide an update when details are confirmed, or if you make any changes while the class is running. Please just follow the requirements that the class begins within 3 months of receiving the grant funds, and be offered at least 8 times.
  • Does my class need to meet every week?
    Nope. The frequency of your class is your choice.
  • Is there a deadline I have to offer the minimum 8 classes by?
    No. We want to provide flexibility that gives you time to schedule the classes at the frequency you feel is best, and adapt to any unexpected circumstances or changes you may need to make.
  • Where can I teach my class?
    You can consider many types of locations, depending on what works best for you and your community. Some spaces you may be able to secure without cost include: parks, libraries, rec centers, religious halls/community spaces, and retail businesses. If it aligns with the community you’re serving, you may also consider private spaces such as housing communities, healthcare facilities, corporate businesses, senior centers, etc. Or you may arrange with a studio or gym to offer your class in their facility or in partnership with their business.
  • Can I offer my class at multiple locations or change locations?
    Yes! We just ask that you notify us of any changes.
  • Can I offer a virtual live stream class?
    Not exclusively. The class must be offered in-person at a location in Philadelphia County or the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. However, live streaming can be used as a supplement or weather/safety contingency plan.
  • Can teenagers or kids take my class?
    Your class must be centered around serving adults 18 years or older. Teenagers or kids can join the class if appropriate to the class design and environment, and all necessary legal and child protective measures are taken.
  • Does it matter if or what I charge for the class?
    Pricing is completely at your discretion. Some options could include but are not limited to: offer some or all of the classes for free, suggest donations, offer a sliding scale or tiered pricing, or set a specific price.
  • When will I know if I'm selected?
    Applications can be submitted at any time, and are reviewed at the end of each month. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status by the end of the next month. For example, applications received in August will be notified by September 30th.
  • If I'm selected, what happens next?
    In your congratulations email we’ll take you through the process to receive your funds, and outline the support you'll receive from our team and professional community!
  • If I’m selected, when will I receive the money?
    We'll disperse the funds within 14 calendar days after receiving your proof of insurance and signed recipient agreement (sent in your congratulations email).
  • What can the grant money be used for?
    The money is your own compensation for teaching, regardless of whether you receive additional payments from clients. Whether you choose to spend it on something related to your class or retain it as personal income is entirely your choice.
  • If I’m awarded a grant, can I apply again?
    Yes! Grantees can be awarded 1 Teaching Grant per 12 month period, so long as all recipient requirements are met at the time of the application. Grants can be awarded for either the continuation of the same class or for a new/different class. And applicants' identities, including whether you have previously received a grant, is still hidden from the evaluation and selection of grant recipients. NOTE: After submitting your application, a completed copy will be emailed to you, and is available for PDF download on the final Thank You page. You may want to save this copy to reference in the event you apply again.
  • If I’m not awarded a grant, can I find out why?
    For applicants not selected, we will provide directional feedback as to why. I.e. if an eligibility requirement wasn’t met, if any responses could be strengthened, or if we had more strong applicants than grants and we hope you reapply!
  • If I’m not awarded a grant, can I apply again?
    Yes! Please reapply anytime. NOTE: After submitting your application, a completed copy will be emailed to you, and is available for PDF download on the final Thank You page. You may want to save this copy to reference in the event you apply again.
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