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The Teaching Grant is Here!

The Movement Foundation is excited to announce the launch of The Teaching Grant.

This grant is designed to support the start of new classes or the continuation of existing classes that center and serve communities in need of more accessible and inclusive movement in the Philadelphia Area . This can include but is not limited to communities connected by race, gender identity, religion, culture, language, body size, disability, income, or life experience.

Why We Created This Grant.

Group classes can be a wonderful way to make movement a part of our lives. With guidance from a knowledgable teacher or coach and the camaraderie of classmates, movement classes can be fun and life changing! However, classes aren't always accessible and inclusive for everyone. The location, cost, environment, or workout style can be prohibitive for many people and communities.

Every community deserves access to classes that serve and support their needs. Yet starting a new class is a challenging endeavor for an instructor, both financially and professionally. So The Teaching Grant is designed to help instructors through the start-up experience, with personal compensation and a network of professional support.

Learn More.

Learn all about The Teaching Grant here on our program page.

Applications are accepted and awarded every other month starting June 1, 2022.


Make a Donation.

Help us bring more accessible movement to all Philadelphia communities! Your donation creates more Teaching Grants and accessible classes across our city.

The Movement Foundation is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization.


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