Philly Moves


We have an incredible schedule of classes for you! Through the use of silent disco headphones, three separate classes will occur simultaneously across the rooftop every hour. And our final classes of the night will all glow-in-the-dark under the Philly night sky!

NOTE: Vaccinations are required for this event.

Band + Bodyweight
Boot Camp
Shoshana Katz + Caleb Porter
4:30PM - 5:20PM
Rebound + Sculpt
4:30PM - 5:10PM
Amanda Hill
Cardio Barre  + Yoga w. Reels
5:30PM - 6:30PM
Lauren Leavell + Courtney Ciallella
5:30PM - 6:30PM
Kettlebell Strength + Yoga
Katie Gould + Taja Jones
Rebound + Sculpt
5:30PM - 6:10PM
Caitlin Forker
Barre Strength
6:45PM - 7:35PM
Kelsie Daniels
6:45PM - 7:35PM
Yoga, Reels + Core
Anisha Chirmule + Dana Auriemma
Rebound + Sculpt
6:45PM - 7:25PM
Sylvia Witek
Yoga (Glow)
7:45PM - 8:45PM
André Coles
7:45PM - 8:45PM
Boxing HIIT + Pilates (Glow)
G Bernabe + Tiffani Vaughan
Rebound + Sculpt (Glow)
7:45PM - 8:25PM
Bastianna Mene